Welcome to Earprint Immersive

After 25 years of work with the world’s top museums to create tailored sound environments for their visitors, Earprint Productions is proud to announce our recent transformation into Earprint Immersive.


Earprint Immersive is a design firm that specializes in dimensional experience design for museum and corporate clients all over the world. We are proud to have spent the last 25 years harnessing the power of sound to deliver powerful, emotional connections to different times and places.

We use these experiences to now turn to our future of immersive, environmental sound and experience.

As Earprint Immersive, we are using all senses to build fully immersive environments, exploring what sensory technology can do to improve visitor experience. We work with industry leaders to design immersive virtual experiences that send visitors directly into artworks, landscapes, and environments.

Earprint works with clients to test the boundary of what is possible with sensory experience, using audio and visual formats to transform various simulated experiences into real-seeming ones that have implications for worldwide cultural heritage protection, as well as global empathy-building for different experiences.

The Earprint mission focuses on connecting people to sustainability and human heritage, using sound and sight to deliver empathy and human experience from within a fully-engaged sensory environment.

Designing dimensional experiences to create meaning and connection, Earprint Immersive draws on 25 years of experience to provide cutting-edge innovative immersion for clients worldwide.

Join us on our journey to explore the human experience through immersive design. This blog will give an insider look at some of our newest projects as well as professional insights into rising trends in the industry. These stories will show you how Earprint Immersive is changing the landscape of dimensional experience design. See you soon!