Donum Estate, a sprawling winery in beautiful Sonoma County, is known for its lovely Pinot Noirs and its world-class collection of art, including works by contemporary giants like Ai Wei Wei, Fernando Botero, Yayoi Kusama, and Keith Haring. 

To facilitate a deeper visitor experience of Donum Estate, Earprint built an immersive walking tour of the grounds that deepens the expression of the important connection between art, nature, and the human hand. Earprint collaborated with Detour, a company that specializes in creating guided walking tours, to build an immersive experience for visitors to Donum. The result is to tell visitors the story of the winery, emphasizing the unique confluence of art and wine that makes Donum so special. 


The Tour

Each stop on the tour allows visitors to learn more about how the quality wines are produced in this specific Sonoma location, why Donum's owner chose the specific artworks on site, and how the art and wine all interact in this beautiful setting. By using this audio tour to link art and wine to the Donum landscape, Donum's founders hope to allow visitors to more deeply interact with the beautiful environment in which their wines are produced. 


new approaches

This project serves as a perfect example of how museum-quality audio experiences can be modified to fit other environments. Detour and Earprint were specifically excited about this project with Donum because of the opportunity to use new technology to invite visitors to more deeply explore unique places. Detour has recently developed a product called Descript, which seamlessly transcribes audio into text linked to locations.

Earprint was thrilled about the opportunity to embrace new technology that facilitates interaction with spaces, and to be part of that community of prototyping this new software. This content production software combines mapping, writing, and audio production, and makes the creation of audio tours infinitely easier. The ability to create the Donum tour using this new software and prototype it with visitors to the Donum winery means that Earprint is able to facilitate a conversation with public users who have a vested interest in making the ultimate product even better. With this iterative design framework, this revolutionary audio tour will link visitors, vintners, artists, and content producers with one exciting product.

Working with Detour and Donum Estate to create an experience that really links visitors to their environment, Earprint hopes that this tour will encourage visitors to the winery to feel a connection to the place and to the interaction of art and place that is so unique to Donum.