Comfortable Listening


Audio Cafe at The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium hired Earprint to create a prototype for an audio cafe table. The cafe table is a space where visitors can listen to radio clips about the science of love while enjoying coffee and cookies. 

After experimenting with several designs, Earprint decided to build an oversized, wooden umbrella. The umbrella functions as a parabolic speaker, focusing audio onto the table and cutting out some of the ambient noise from the gallery. What's cool about this design is that it actually amplifies conversation and the audio clips so people can hear their companions in addition to exhibit content.

Check out the photos below from our design and fabrication process!

Selected Images


Sonic Circles at the San Joaquin Historical Museum

Imagine sitting around a campfire listening to a great story.  We're trying to create this kind of experience at the San Joaquin Historical Museum. This bench is part of a series of storytelling circles that we are building in collaboration with The Sibbett Group and Scientific Art Studio.

This prototype bench has four embedded speakers. As part of a gallery that looks at the native heritage of the San Joaquin Valley, this bench tells a Miwok creation story as well as the story of the Indian freedom fighter, Estanislao. The stories will be narrated by Native American tribal members and will include a rich soundscape of effects and music.