Cleveland Museum of Art: Rembrandt


Is this painting a Rembrandt?

This Earprint interactive puts conservator’s tools - high resolution photographs and scientific imaging - into the hands of visitors. Users can explore Portrait of a Woman using different kinds of light – UV, IR and raking – to understand how conservators separate past restoration work from original paint.  This kind of research is used to study and even authenticate works of art – in this case, establishing the painter as Rembrandt.

Powerful photographic tools allow conservators to see below the surface of the painting.

Interactive installed on in-gallery iPads.

rembrandt in frame



Conserving a Rembrandt:

Part I of Portrait of a Woman

Dean Yoder talks about his process of conservation at the CMA

studio blog set up



Conserving a Rembrandt:

Part II of Portrait of a Woman

An in-depth look at the treatment issues surrounding the work.

This video shows the process of conservation from beginning to end.