Meyer Sound Field Trip!

We had the privilege of visiting Meyer Sound in Berkeley CA recently.  The facility on San Pablo Ave in Berkeley, CA is a full scale speaker factory and audio playground! 

Special thanks to John McMahon and Miles Rogers for a great tour of the speaker factory. 

Meyer Sound Visit

 We toured the entire facility and saw each stage of speaker manufacture and then ended up in Pearson Theater for a demo of the speakers in action.  

Earprint is exploring new ways to push the envelope of delivering audio to museums. We are embarking on a research project to study the impact of binaural and 3d spatial audio on visitors.

We will update soon about our plans for a panel at the upcoming MCN Conference in November 2015. 

Detours are "slow art"

With "Slow Art" day approaching (April 11), I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my latest obsession: a new, location-aware audio  tour app called Detour. The app technology and functionality creates an immersive, pretty seamless experience, but it's the content that I'm excited about. 

The thing I love about Detours  is that they are just that – they take you places tourists usually don't go. They're underground, post-tourist. Fisherman's Wharf detour gives you a glimpse of the wharf as a working port, a tiny slice of history being preserved so tourists will still come here. laughingsal_webYou'll go into a chapel honoring fisherman lost at sea, and hear conversations between two rival boat clubs that have been there since the 1870s. You'll blow quarters, and lose track of time, exploring relics of the now-defunct Playland at the Beach.

One thing I've discovered taking Detours is that they often take longer than advertised. I tend to respond to the guide's encouragement to pause the tour, explore around and talk to people but as a result, I sometimes don't have time to finish the recorded tour. This to me is okay - it seems this may be some of the app's - and producers' – magic: Detour is using technology to create "slow art" in which the journey is just important as the destination.

 - Catherine


 Crowdsourcing panel at Museums and the Web

We're presenting a paper on our location-aware, crowdsourced app for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco at Museums and the Web 2015. Here's a sneak peek.