Cleveland Museum of Art: ArtLens


ArtLens at The Cleveland Museum of Art

Earprint designed, wrote and produced over nine hours of audio, video and slideshow content for the ArtLens app. ArtLens’ multimedia content is both deep and broad, offering non-narrated first-person perspectives from experts, artists and community members. App users choose from a content menu by theme, topic or speaker.  The variety of voices gives visitors multiple ways to contextualize and connect with the museum’s collection.

Visitors can use ArtLens in several ways. Near You Now uses on-board location services to navigate to nearby objects and then browse a menu of audio or video content. Scan uses image recognition to scan an object to access hot spots - short audio or text  snippets tied to a detail of the object. Visitors can also follow a museum- or visitor-curated tour, or create their own. The app was designed by Local Projects.